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maximizing human potentials and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Research training

MGIG organizes research training for private individuals on a consistent basis. Such exercise involves a step-by-step approach on how they can conduct research studies from beginning to the end. To this end, we train participants on how to:   READ MORE

Research Methodology

To assist our clients (individuals & corporate organizations) in making informed policy and business decisions, we train participants on research methodologies.

Econometric training

We provide econometric training to firms and private individuals in need of such. For the econometric training, we use software.

Corporate Impact Research

We conduct impact research writing for government and corporate firms in the areas like:1.Case Studies Research 2. Microeconomic Modelling etc



MGIG global services...

We facilitate training in Policy analysis and corporate researches for government employees and private firms in areas like:
1. Case studies.
2. Macroeconomic modelling, etc.

MGIG Global services, a full fledge research and training consulting firm managed by a team of change agents with strong passion for excellence and professionalism whose vision is to maximize human potentials and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Owoeye Lawrence

Owoeye Lawrence | GROUP HEAD, Marketing. Goldlink Insurance PLC
“MGIG is the place for serious research facilitations. Great service, great advisory. ”

Sharomi Abayomi

Sharomi Abayomi BA, MA, PhD (Philosophy)
“The service here is superb and top notch. The staff and clients are treated with courtesy and everyone bonds like one big family. Our aim is to serve you better. You can give us a call today. You will be glad you did.”

Adenuga Juliet.

Adenuga Juliet. (Research Assistant, UNILAG)
“As a doctoral student desiring in-depth knowledge and the acquisition of additional skills for excellent research and academic paper writing, I was fortunate to come across MGIG Global, an outfit suitable for my quest. MGIG is just right for the skills needed to deliver excellent research works.”


what our clients say

Olunkwa N.C | Bsc, Msc, PhD (In view)
Before I joined this Institute, I knew nothing about research. Today, I can boldly say that God has established me through MGRI to publish five papers in reputable journals and also have a few others accepted awaiting publishing. Thanks to my boss and mentor. Keep the good works. 


Akinyemi A.K | PhD Candidate, University of Lagos.
I want to thank this Institute for the knowledge I have acquired through the process I went through. Most importantly, I appreciate the CEO (Dr Ekundayo Peter Mesagan) for the continuous mentorship he makes available to all members.